Essential Tips to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Vancouver Garden Now

A raccoon that is constantly visiting our garden can be irritating. However, if the foods are readily available in your Vancouver garden, they will definitely take advantage of it. While there are different creatures that can attack your garden, there are prevalent signs that will help you determine that the raccoon is the culprit of the attack. There should be paw tracks and droppings in your garden. Pay attention to the scratch and check if the leftovers in the trash are being looted.

Keeping the Raccoon Away from Your Garden

Raccoons will not be too picky with regards to their Washington food. This makes them an opportunistic eater. They are resourceful and crafty creature and will not easily give up when hunting for foods. They are dexterous and agile. They are also adept climbers that allow them to get an easy access to our yard. Dealing with a raccoon infestation in your garden can be an irritating experience. With a small amount of knowledge and a great deal of patience, you will be able to drive them away.

Eliminate their Food Source

As we mentioned in our past articles, the raccoons will happily eat anything that they will encounter. Apart from the vegetations in our garden, it would be recommended to remove or limit their access to the food sources. Here are some ways to achieve it.

  • Be certain that the trash can in your Vancouver yard and your compost pit is completely secured. It should come with a lid that cannot be lifted easily by the raccoon. In case your garbage bin does not feature a locking mechanism, place a heavy item on top of your cover. 
  • Clean the exterior of your garbage can with water, bleach, or any disinfectant. You should be able to remove the waste reside outside and the lingering scent.
  • In case you have Washington pets, do not leave their food lying outside. Take it inside your house at night to avoid inviting an unwanted guest in your garden.

  • Your Garden or Yard Should be Unappealing to Them

     If our gardens are left unprotected against the raccoon, you can't fault them for taking residence in your garden. Here are some ways on how to make your garden unappealing in their eyes.

  • Raccoons are active during the night and they will be startled when a light suddenly shone on them. You can strategically place a light all over your garden. If possible invest on a light with a motion sensor.
  • You can soak a rag in a bottle of ammonia and disperse it all over your garden. 
  • Raccoons also hate the presence of Washington human activity. Try to leave a radio outside and tune it into a talk station.

  • In case the Vancouver raccoon refused to leave your garden, you may use live trap to capture the raccoon without harming them. Be sure that you will regularly check the trap to avoid imprisoning them for an extended period. Be careful in approaching a trapped raccoon since they can be agitated.

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