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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Vancouver! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Vancouver, WA. Getting rodents out of your house can be a real challenge. These animals are not only quite ingenious and how they get in and out, but they are prolific breeders. That means that a few rats can quickly become dozens or hundreds within a very short period of time. You need professionals that can assist you in getting rid of these animals right away, and we have the trained staff that is able to do that for you. We start by performing a thorough inspection of your property. We make sure that we find where the rats, mice, squirrels, or other rodents are gaining access into your house. We find nests, and safely and humanely remove them. We repair entryways they are using to gain access into your house. We never use poisons or harmful chemicals, because we don't want to endanger you or your family. Our techniques work. We have been experts in this field for over a decade now and have been ranked as the #1 wildlife removal service in the area for three straight years. Besides safely and effectively removing rodents, we also provide wildlife service for virtually any animal you may have issue with. It doesn't matter whether it is snakes, birds, bats, skunks, or similar animals. Call us today and we will have a technician out to you right away. Call us now at 360-450-6288 for your Vancouver wildlife control needs.

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Vancouver Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: When the Snake is Not On the Plane But in YOUR Attic! Next Steps!

During the Vancouver winter season, it is not unusual to encounter a snake in the attic. The attic is warm that enables them to maintain their ideal body temperature. Since the snake will rely upon the radiant source to stabilize their temperature, being in the attic provides them numerous benefits. You are probably wondering on how the snake made it all the way through the attic. Usually, there are snakes such as rat snakes that will have amazing climbing skills. This makes it easy for them to enter our attic through the shingles.

Types of Snakes that Can Access the Attic

There are different types of snakes that can climb our attic. Perhaps the most common kind would be the Washington rat snake. We will need to install exclusion device to make sure that they stay outside the attic. While snakes may not usually climb, you will be surprised to know that snakes are adept climbers. They can use the structure in the interior of our wall to climb the upper section of the house. They will utilize the holes found in our walls that were usually intended for the wires and pipes.

Usually, the Washington plumbers and other technician will create holes during the construction in order to easily fit the duct and the pipe. Sadly, these holes can be used as an access hole of the wild creatures such as the snake. Snake can live in our attic for months while remaining undetected. We will only discover them when we need to find something in the attic. Usually, the non-venomous snake can be found in the attic. It is highly unlikely to find venomous such as the copperhead in the attic. Nonetheless, this does not necessarily mean that they can't climb your attic.

How to Deal with the Situation

Snake found in the attic is a usual problem especially during the colder season. The snake will occupy our Washington attic due to a variety of reason. They are probably looking for a space that will keep them safe from the unforgiving weather and the threat of the predators. They may also found a food source close to our house. Dealing with the rodent infestation in our attic can decrease the probability that we will encounter a snake in our attic. Snake is excellent in controlling the population of the rodent and keeping the balance in our ecosystem. In order to keep them away, exclusion will have to be performed. You will be able to trap the snake once you successfully get rid of the rodents infesting your attic.

In case you encounter the snake in your Vancouver property, it is advised to keep away from them especially if you do not know how to discern the non-venomous to the venomous snake. You should also be properly equipped that will make the entire process safe and efficient. If you lack the experience, we recommend allowing the professionals to handle your snake issue. They carry the license that enables them to perform the removal within the boundary of laws.